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Maxcyber®, a division of Max Savings Co., Ltd., emerged to provide a full range of Internet-related services since October, 1995. Key success factors of Maxcyber Division are unlimited creativity and high performance staff who make our creativity come true. Everyday our staff try so hard to create new things that have never existed in the world of Internet before. Because we think the endless technology of Internet gives us a chance to compete with other programmers, system analysts and software developers from developed countries. Conceptually, Max Savings means making big things happen with least resources. Carry on surfing and you will know how we can do it !!

Computer Team (Core Staff)
Our Partners
Management Team
Our business activities include :
  1. System integrator/consultant (for Intranet and Extranet with existing legacy systems)
  2. Development of software and databases for the Internet (with Perl, Java Script, Java Applets, Visual Basic, Visual C++, Power Builder and more)
  3. Value-added software developer and distributor (e.g. educational software, games.)
  4. Networking systems - hardware and software installation and maintenance
  5. Web authoring and design
  6. Computer graphic design
  7. Research and development

Our main web sites & services
www.maxcyber.com   http://www.maxcyber.com
Web Site, e-Commerce, e-Business & Internet Software Development Service

www.thainic.net   http://www.thainic.net
Instant Domain Registration, Hosting &
Digital Certificate/SSL Service

www.pacificnic.net   http://www.pacificnic.net
Instant Domain Registration & Hosting Service

www.ecombot.com   http://www.ecombot.com
e-Commerce & e-Payment Gateway Service
e-Commerce & e-Payment Services for Thai Businessmen
e-Commerce & e-Payment Services for Japanese Businessmen

www.ecombotb2b.com   http://www.ecombotb2b.com
e-Business Software : e-Billing, e-Procurement, e-CRM, e-Supply Chain, e-Marketplace Software...

www.ecombottravel.com   http://www.ecombottravel.com
Instant e-Tourism services for hotel, tour agency, car rental company, etc.

www.ecombottravel.com   http://www.tourismmart.com
The travel portal site/Mart of travel for make a retail and wholesale travel trade such as air ticket, flight, hotel, car rental, tour package, etc.

www.cryptbot.com   http://www.cryptbot.com
Digital Certificate/SSL, e-Signature, Encryption, Secure Workflow & e-Custodian Service

www.eximworld.com   http://www.eximworld.com
Export-Import/Sell & Buy & e-Marketplace Service

www.shoppingthai.com   http://www.shoppingthai.com
Online Shopping Mall/Cybermall Service

www.thaiecard.com   http://www.thaiecard.com
Online Card Service

Let us build creativity and handle problems for you.

Maxcyber Division
Cyber Creation is Our Business.

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