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Let's try out our encryption technique below.

Payment Information

R    E    M    A    R    K
Welcome to the supreme encryption technology of CRYPT BOT™ and VeriSign™. Our CRYPT BOT™ encryption techniques encode your credit card number on the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) of the WWW network system handled by VeriSign™. These strongest cryptographic techniques assure you that your credit card information is never tampered with.
Be full of confidence... you are very highly protected here!!

Please arrange your payment by using the following credit cards :
Type of credit card :
Payment by : Visa Master Amex JCB SCB

Credit card information :
Credit card owner :
Expiration date :
Owner's address :
City/State :
Country :
Zip code :
Credit card number : Click the buttons below to enter and
encode the first 8 digits and the rest
of your card number, respectively.
[If you need to correct your credit card number, please repress
any of the above buttons to redo the encoding process.]

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