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DIY Search Bot™
(Add New Record)

Please pick your existing search system up by filling in the password and the file name boxes with exact file name that you have created when you set up it. After that just key in a new record or a list of search that you want to add up to your existing search system. In case you don't have password please go back to Create New Search System.

Password :
 (The exact password you got for the below File Name.)
File Name :
 (The exact file name of your search system.)
Additional record of search result list data.
Result List :
 (It can be a phrase or sentence representing the search
Location : http:// (One URL only)
 (Change the location of search result.)
Key Words :
 (Add key words of new search result lists onto your
existing search system.)

If you have several search results or web page for the same key words, you have to repeat the above process and change the fields of Search Result List and Location.

Should further questions arise please let us know.

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